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Podcasts for the journey (ugh, we know) from deconstruction to rediscovery.

We are a new podcast collective and content network focused on highlighting diverse voices doing work for ex/post-evangelical audiences looking for content wherever you are in your process-- from deconstruction to rediscovery.

Whether you're looking for anti-racist resources, news analysis, in-depth interviews, or pop culture chatter, IMG has a show for you!

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    (listed in alphabetical order by last name)

    Blake Chastain

    Blake Chastain (he/him)

    Host of the Exvangelical and Powers & Principalities podcasts. Blake coined the #exvangelical tag in 2016 and has been creating podcasts ever since.

    Tori Douglass (she/her)

    Host of the White Homework podcast and co-host of the forthcoming show Go Home Bible, You're Drunk, Tori is a sought-after anti-racist educator and twitter person par-excellence.

    Tori Douglass

    Kevin Garcia (they/them)

    Kevin Garcia is a digital pastor, creative mystic, public theologian and intuitive soul coach based in Atlanta, GA.

    Justin Gentry (he/him)

    Co-host of the forthcoming show Go Home Bible, You're Drunk, Justin Gentry is your next favorite podcaster.

    Adrian Gibbs (he/him) & Josh Link (he/him)

    Millennial dads. Bad apples. Equal parts heavy and light. Co-hosts of Dirty Rotten Church Kids.

    Rev. Sarah Heath (she/her)

    Creator and cohost of the Making Spaces and Your Favorite Aunts podcasts, Sarah Heath is
    an ordained pastor, author, speaker, podcaster, and hopeful airstream restorer

    Josephine Jael Jimenez

    Josephine Jael Jimenez (she/her)

    Co-host of the Making Spaces podcast, Josie is the kind of creative who just can’t make up her mind. She is an artist, writer, podcaster and all around trouble maker.

    Mason Mennenga (he/him)

    Mason Mennenga (he/him) is an aspiring theologian, podcast host of A People's Theology, YouTuber, and the Internet's youth pastor.

    Mason Mennenga

    Bradley Onishi (he/him)

    Ex-evangelical minister turned religion professor and podcaster. Co-host of Straight White American Jesus.

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    The Shows

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    A People's Theology

    A People's Theology

    Exploring theologies that inspire and liberate. Formerly known as Religionless Church.

    A Tiny Revolution

    A Tiny Revolution

    Because all revolutions begin as conversations between friends. Join digital pastor and soul coach Kevin Garcia for a conversation that actually matters.

    Dirty Rotten Church Kids

    Dirty Rotten Church Kids

    Millennial dads figuring out life, art and culture on the other side of the evangelical bubble.



    Personal stories and in-depth interviews of people leaving evangelicalism.

    Go Home Bible (You're Drunk)

    Go Home Bible You're Drunk

    Grab your beverage of choice and join Tori Williams Douglass and Justin Gentry as they dust off their Bibles to see if there is still anything of value to be found. Each week is something new as they dive into the strange world of the Bible and explore the weird things people do with it. Part storytelling, part banter, completely authentic; if you always thought the Bible was bizarre but were afraid to say it we have you covered.

    Making Spaces

    Making Spaces

    Join Rev. Sarah Heath and Josephine Jael Jimenez as they share their dream of moving us from a DIY to a DIT (do it together). Each week they chat with an expert about making space—aesthetically, theologically, socially, etc. This is a show where no church/synagogue/community center closet is left unturned.

    Powers & Principalities


    Examining the systems and institutions of white evangelicalism in America. S1 on Christian nationalism completed in 2020; S2 on evangelical media will debut late 2021.

    Straight White American Jesus

    Straight White American Jesus

    An in-depth examination of the culture and politics of Christian Nationalism and Evangelicalism by two ex-evangelical ministers-turned-religion professors.

    White Homework

    White Homework

    White Homework is a podcast for people wanting to learn about antiracism, the non-revised version of American history, and how to leverage privilege to create a more equitable world for all.

    Your Favorite Aunts

    Your Favorite Aunts

    Your burning questions will have their thirst quenched in this dope podcast featuring your new internet aunties, Sarah Heath and Kevin Garcia. Join these internet humans and IRL best friends as they answer your questions on life's most pressing questions. From skincare to soul care, heartache to home decor, mixed bevies to messy feels, BOYB, and pull up a chair.

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